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Hot Springs in Thailand

San Kamphaeng Hot SpringNatural hot springs are believed to have certain healing powers. The heat and minerals produced by a hot spring are thought to cure some illnesses, release mental stress, alleviate certain skin problems, relieve backache and muscle soreness, and promote physical well-being.

Natural hot springs have been discovered in several areas in Thailand. Some of them have been developed into tourist attractions; some even offer health packages combining mineral baths, Thai traditional massage and fitness facilities.

Northern Thailand boasts many hot springs. One of the best known is at San Kamphaeng in Chiang Mai, with its complete package of health treatments. Located nearby is the privately operated Rung Arun hot spring.

hot spring at Mae Hong SonAlso in Chiang Mai, in Mae Taeng district, is the Pa Pae hot spring (Pong Nam Duet). It is said to be one of the nicest because it is not over commercialized and is set within a well-maintained park in a picturesque valley. Fang at the northernmost tip of the country has about 50 hot springs in a ten-acre forest setting.

Other northern provinces with hot springs include Lampang (Jae Son hot spring), and Mae Hong Son (Muang Paeng and Pa Bong hot springs).

hot spring at RanongAnother well-known hot spring is in Ranong province in southern Thailand. Located in the Raksavarin forest park the private resort was granted rights to draw mineral water from this hot spring for commercial purposes. Now the resort offers a full package of health and recreational facilities.

Look for natural attractions in other provinces.

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