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Bird watching enthusiasts around the world agree that Thailand is one of the best places to visit for its range and diversity of bird species. It is estimated that of more than 9,000 bird species in the world, more than 1,000 have been sighted in Thailand. This rich diversity is largely the result of Thailand's unique geographical location and topographical diversity. In Thailand, bird watching is an activity which can be enjoyed throughout the year in several areas of the country.

From Bangkok, the nearest possible venue is Lumpini Park in the heart of Bangkok. Unbelievable? Many ornithologists insist that Lumpini Park is home to many species of birds. At certain times of year, the thousands of swallows roosting along Silom Road make for an amazing sight (but be careful as you're looking up - bombardments are common). Just in the vicinity of Bangkok, Bangpoo in Samut Prakarn is home to mangrove swamps and a variety of sea bird species. During periods of migration, birds such as the Black-faced Spoonbill and the Ruddy Shelduck visit the area.

Three other places not too far from Bangkok include Bung Boraphet in Nakhon Sawan, Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima, and Khao Sam Roi Yod in Prachuab Khiri Khan.

Bung Boraphet is the largest reservoir in the Central Plains area and a major location for migratory birds during winter. Hundreds of species of water birds migrate from Siberia in the north of Asia at this time. The white-eyed River Martin can be found at this spot, which is very popular among local and overseas birdwatchers.

If you are heading north from October to February, Doi Inthanon is an excellent site to see many species of mountain birds. Doi Inthanon is highly recognized among ornithologists from all over the world. The mountain hosts many rare and migratory birds such as the long-tailed Minuet, black-tailed Crake, Marron Oriole, short-billed Minivet, green Cochoa, Gould's Sunbird and the chestnut-tailed Minla.

Almost 400 species of birds have been sighted in the park, out of which at least 267 are indigenous and 105 are migratory. Although bird watching at Doi Inthanon is possible throughout the year, the best time is from November to May.

Chiang Mai has many other sites for mountain birds, including Doi Chiang Dao, Doi Angkhang, and Doi Pha Hom Pok.

Tung Yai Naresuan, the country's most pristine wildlife reserve covering vast swathes of Kanchanaburi and Tak provinces, is an ideal habitat for birds. Species here range from the small to large, from the merely beautiful to the exotic.

Look for eco-tourism in other provinces.

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