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Arts in Thailand Regional Arts

The visitor to Thailand has the rare opportunity to witness exquisite and unique forms of artistic expression. Traditional Thai art can be seen in museums and temples, palaces and theaters, or in the living culture and day-to-day activities of the Thai people themselves.

In Thailand, scholars and laymen alike, consider architecture to be one, if not the most important of all the arts. Thai architecture is a blend of different influences, styles and methods. Down the ages, these have been adapted and improved upon by various cultures and kingdoms, and as a result, Thai architectural style is both unique and very memorable.

Simply stated yet often refined, Thailand's dramatic arts are a clear expression of the daily cycle of birth, death and the day-to-day life of people who live by the land and the sea.

Exotic by Western standards, Thai music combines the excitement of a boxing match with the serenity of romantic drama. With a surprising depth and subtlety of feeling, Thai music is worth the effort it takes to fully appreciate.

Elegant in color, intricate in design, from the fabulous attire of the royal court, to the simple garb of the farmer, Thai costumes mirror the countenance of the Thai people

From practical, household utensils expertly woven from bamboo to exquisite gold ceremonial objects and refined bronzes, Thai artisans have impressed their unique style on all manner of crafts. Sensational, shimmering Thai silk is only the best known.

Sculpture is perhaps more representative of Thai culture and belief than any other art form. Capturing the talents and inspiration of unknown artists over a period of two millennia, sculpture is often all that remains of the region's earliest civilizations.

With their delicate rich colors and lively details, mural paintings are a feast for the eyes. They are also an enlightening form of education for all people interested in Buddhism and the Thai way of life.



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