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What kind of things can I import from Thailand?

Are there any restrictions about what I can import from Thailand?


General Export/Import
  Q: What kind of things can I import from Thailand?
  A: A great variety of products can be purchased from Thailand. While the country is famous as an exporter of rice, rubber, pineapples and seafood, a wealth of products are available. The long list of products available includes garments, chemicals, automobile parts, fresh or processed food, electrical products, hardware products, furniture, gems and jewelry and handicrafts. A quick look through our Exporter Lists should help you to find any products that you are interested in.
  Q: Are there any restrictions about what I can import from Thailand?
  A: There are few export restrictions placed on goods leaving Thailand. Items that may be restricted are ones whose export would be damaging to Thailand's culture, national defense or environment. You are more likely to encounter problems bringing the goods into your country. Goods sure to be restricted from entry are ones in violation of your country's patent, trade and copyright laws, or products made from animals that are endangered species. Food and drug products are closely watched to ensure that they meet the pertinent laws of the country they are entering. Lastly, goods that are regulated by any trade agreements could be denied entry from Thailand into your country. Consulting with your country's custom's department can give you information about the relevant laws restricting imports.


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